Living Line Dance 1/2010
I was in London for sightseeing and line dancing when I got the message that the band Urban Delights from Hamburg are looking for a choreogra- phy for one of her new songs. After coming home I got more informations and cause of liking the music I sent them my OK to choreograph a dance. I named my dance “Do You Wanna Play?”, teached it at the next club trai- ning and sent a video of the dance to the band. The band was enthusiastic about it and asked me if they can make an official video including party atmosphere. WOW! I started looking for a dance hall and for other dancers for this special event who also had to learn my dance. At least, we were 55 dancers and started this video event with a workshop were we already being filmed. And after that we started with filming the dancing masses which we had to do 3 times. After that they choose 9 dancers for a special block at their video, than a single row with 6 and after that they picked a single dancer to film. They choose a dancer from the “Wild Boots” cause she flirted with the camera and she was dancing impressiv. The whole filming was quite exhausting for us all. The more we enjoyed our dinner which was the pay- ment for our work. The video can be seen in December at Following clubs are at the video: The Lucky Ones, The Wanderers, Get In Line, Good Time Fellows, Munich LAD’s from Munich, also The Flying Eagles from Fürstenfeldbruck, Phoenix Linedancers from Rimsting, Wild Boots from Königsbrunn, Cookie & The Crumbs from Rohrbach, Swinging Hips from Tyrolia, one dancer from Buchloe and one club-less.