Living Line Dance 2/2010
5th Bavarian Line Dance Challenge The 5th Bavarian Line Dance Challenge in Neufahrn near Freising started relaxed before we were attracted by a mixture of performances and workshops. More and more guests were arriving since 9:30 pm so that more then 200 competitors, after the welcome-speeches of Nicole Sche- del (vicepresident of The Wanderers), Robert Hahn (President of the BCWTV) and Annelies Gimpel (director of dance of the BCWTV), were joi- ning the first workshop. It was held by Robert Hahn and he teached “Dawning”, a west coast swing, choreographed by Daniel Trepat. After the arrival of the guest-stars Jo & John Kinser the competition started. The Kinsers were part of the judges, together with Iris Funkler (NTA) and Annelies Gimpel. The Newcomers started with “Big Girl Boogie” followed by “Not Fair”. After encouraging themselfs, the spectators were showing their smiley- pics to remember the competitors to smile. The advanced dancers were doing their warm-up with “Mustang Sally” and “Travellin’” so that they could show these dances in groups of 4 or 5 dancers in front of the jury. Also 4 teams took the chance to compete: the “Liberty Country Club” from Parsberg, the “Lindancers from Michelskirchen”, the “Wild Boots” from Königsbrunn and the local matadors “The Wanderers”. Later the competitors got their results at an individual conversation, together with comments about their strength and failings which was accepted positive- ly and this is also the mission of the Challenge. Between the competitions the guest stars gave several work shops. Jo & John teached their “Latin Soul”, latinoamerican music to whom you have to dance “hot”. Also the demanding “Rah-Rah Ooh La La”, an 80 count line dance with tag and restart to the song Bad Romance from Lady Gaga and the “Broken Heels”, an intermediate line dance with 64 counts. A new high light of the Challenge was the choreography-competition. A dance was searched for the International Line Dance Weekend in Pullman City Eging in August, for dancing it on the Main Street as a benefit dance. Kurt Fluger from the Munich LAD’s was the winner with his “Go Harley Go” which he could teach after the nomination (look step sheets page 42). In the evening it became very atmospheric! At 7pm the party started with all the competitors and guests. A kids line dance group from Nittendorf were showing there show talent and were entertaining the spectators with loads of fun and they earned a lot of frenetic applause and “You are the best”-cheers. Another high light was Jo & John Kinsers perfor- mance with a medley from their own choreographed dances and after a bombastic applause and Encore! Encore! they did a couple dance performance. Astrid Kaeswurm