Box 78 - Juli 1999
I want a Cowboy Man!
Box, Munich (n.h.): The Jörg Pilawa Show at SAT 1 featured the Munich LAD's on 11/2/1999. Subject: I want          a Cowboy Man. Even though the demonstration was planned as a short interlude, the dancing performance          shown by Richard Lootens and his men, the Munich Line-Dance-Group LAD's, was appreciated by the          audience of the talkshow, as well as by the talkshow guests, who certainly hadn't expected a gay linedance          group to appear. This certainly was a new insight  for the audience into the otherwise so worn-off gay talkshow          stereotypes.          The interest was high and anyway, there are at least heterosexual dancers as well for quite some time.          New groups for beginners and advanced in linedance start in November. Info:          Richard Lootens, Tel. 089/5309620 or