Living Line Dance 3/2010
Tyrolean Line Dance Day 2010 At the Trofana Tyrol in Mils near Imst were already some fantastic events during the last few years and the Tyrolean Line Dance Day this year is a special one that we didn’t like to miss. Its now the 2nd time that the Arizonas from Innsbruck, together with the Bur- ning Boots from Nassereith, organizing this day with loads of effort. As well one of the most famous choreographers were booked: Robbie McGowan-Hickie from Scotland was one more rea- son to make this journey. As Bavarians, we were heartly welcomed and we met a lot of dan- cers we knew at the warm-up dance. Than the first workshop with Robbie started. He picked in January at the Crystal Boot Awards in Blackpool (”Choreography-Oscars”) a lot of awards, 5 at least, i.e. for his dance “Amame”. The pleasant dance teacher got all attention and the dancefloor was packed. With charm, wit, élan and a lot of humour he was teaching, with a little break, 2 fan- tastic dances (Askin’ Questions, Undercover) and for a little amount everyone could by a CD and printed step sheets. After Robbie’s workshop the social dance was going on to with a prepared dance list made by Helmut & Annette from the Arizonas. Like usual it was a mixture so that everyone, from beginner to advanced dancer, got the chance to dance. In between we always found time to chat with other clubs. During the whole afternoon the organizers were selling raffle tickets for an estimation-game. You had to estimate how much corn is in a glass boot. The 20 best estimators had the chance to win great prizes in the evening. Also at the 2nd workshop with Robbie he was teaching 2 great dances (All Cool, Yolanda), after that we got the chance to dance again. Before starting with the live band “Texas Bandits” from Munich the organizers said thank-you to Robbie for his profes- sional workshop and also to Kurt from the Munich LAD’s who made the contact with Robbie. Annette mentioned all present clubs by name and it was astonishing from where the guests came from. As prizes for the estimation-game the winners got bons for fishing-stuff, hairdresser and travel agency, flatware for grilling and spirits. The “Texas Bandits” were playing wonderful songs and they had arranged a wonderful program. Loads of thank-you to the organizators. You arranged a wonderful line dance day! Silke Baier from the Tapping Toe from Mittenwald