Rheintalische Volkszeitung/Switzerland
Diepoldsau Monday, 10.January'05
Country-Feeling made by the “River Island Country Dancers”: First performance in public of the dancing class final party at the “Freihof”-hall, Diepoldsau
by Andrea Benz
Last october the "River Island Country Dancers" started their second beginners class. At this time they were only eight members. Till now they have tripled the number of members. Now on saturday night 27 enthusiastic line dancers were performing on stage. They had learned 16 different kind of steps and with this stock the newly founded group showed following dances: "Fishers Hornpipe", "Country Walking", "1000 Years Or More" and the greek traditional dance "Sirtaki". The "River Island Country Dancers" convinced the audience with a perfect and nicely arranged dance performance. They got an overwhelming applause. Sonja Bischof, initiator of the line dance course, was extremely proud that the group could manage the small place for the performance in doing small steps. The stage was smaller then the place for the training at the "Radlerhalle" (Hall for cycle races).
Good moods at the "Freihof"-hall! One good performance followed the next. The committee of organization made a wonderfull job to show the line dance enthusiatic audience a program fully packed with attractions. Loads of gueste were invited from the nearby countrys to give the event an international touch. I.e. the "Tumbleweeds" from Nüziders (Austria), Kurt und Ralf from the "Munich Lads Country Dancers" (München/Germany), the "Flying Horses" from Dornbirn (Austria), the "Cross Road Line Dancers" from Liechtenstein, "Two Rocks and Band" aus Sevelen (Austria), the Country-Band "Keoma" from the Steiermark (Austria), "Pro West" from Höchst (Austria), die "Rhein Valley Line Dance Group" from Liechtenstein and of course the "Black Horse Country Band" from Bregenz.
The band, quit wellknown in the austrian country & western music scene, did a sensational performance. They animated the dancers to come onto the stage for a dance to wellknown songs from their huge repertoire. This was the reason that the band won the award "most line dance friendly country band" three years ago. This is only one of the many awards, of the 1994 founded band.
Kurt from the "Munich Lads Country Dancers" did a workshop with the guests. Many advanced and beginners were using the chance to follow the istructions of the experienced line dancer on the stage. The question can't be answered if it was learners talent or the teachers abilities, but after 15 minutes the group had learned the new dance perfectly.
The audience waited with excitement for the performance of the special guests. After a short delay the show could start near midnight. Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers alias Gerda and Ubo von König from Höchst bewitched the audience with "their" legendary evergreens.
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