Living Line Dance 4/2010
3rd International Line Dance Weekend Pullman City Eging Everyone hoped it but no one tried to say it: “Hopefuly it will be a sunny weekend”... Petrus was in good mood with the, more than, 800 line dancers, forgetting the rainy weekend last year, and everyone could enjoy a warm and sunny August-weekend at the western city. With loads of workshops, many contacts and naturally beautiful parties. The event was starting on Friday evening with a Welcome by the president the Bavarian Country Western Dancesports Association (BCWTV), Robert Hahn who was also introducing the active BCWTV-team and Raymond Sarlemijn from Norway. Directly after that Raymond was teaching two beginner dances: “Sexy Baby” and “Hands Up”, both easaly to learn for all the participants. There were two parties in the evening: At the horse- backriding hall with a music-mixture of country and non-country and on the Main Street open air with only country music. Parts of the guests were walking from one to the other location and had fun till midnight. Saturday morning Martina and Martin Raus were offering a warm-up to make the rusty joints agile again. More participants had arrived in between so that Robert Hahn and the manager of the western city, Adelinde Schnei- der, said a warm welcome them too. They could start with the first workshop of the day with “Askin’ Questions” teached by at the horseback riding hall, “This & That” with Petra Kiesewetter at the Music Hall. It went further on with Raymonds “Waterloo” and the absolut beginner dance “Smiling Song”, teached by Astrid Kaeswurm. Benefit-dance on the Main Street Before this weekend it was already published that there will be, during this event, a Benefit-dance - “Go Harley Go” by Kurt Fluger from Munich whose step sheet was already published at the Living Line Dance-magazine. Now more than 300 line dancers were filling up the Main Street for this dance - an impressive, goose-pimples-making mood toke part of the participants. To be part at this event you only had to give a donation to get a “Sternstun- den”-batch. The donated money goes 100% to projects for kids in need. The Bavarain Television filmed this spectacle and it will be shown even- tually at the “Sternstunden”-gala at the 10th of December. Extensive offer of workshops In the early afternoon there was the next highlight; the 8-minutes-Line Dance-Glory. 9 performance groups showed there actual show program and for the first time 4 children- and youthgroups. They were judged by Raymond Sarlemijn, Annelies Gimpel and Robert Hahn and in a private feedback-conversation they got tips for own development in the future. No one had time to get bored cause the offer of workshops were extensive. Raymond teached “Make Love” and “Knockin’ On Heavens Door”, Robert teached “Absolutely Positively”, at the same time in the Music Hall theguests could join a beginners Two-Step-Workshop for couples, made by Martina and Martin follwed by a Country-Line Dance workshop with “Country Hitch” and “Let’s Chill” taught by Petra. The final event was an NTA-workshop with Astrid, who tried to teach the participants the feeling for the perfect motions. The guests were kept in motion also at the evening - 3 different possibilaties were offerd like the evening before, the horseback riding hall with modern country- and non-country music, the Main Street with more “rooted in the soil”-dances and as a plus the Music Hall with live music. Every dancer found “his place” in Pullman City where he could feel fine. Also this evening found his end after midnight! Who ever havn’t had enough, after this Saturday packed with dancing, could keep on learning on Sunday with Raymond teaching the “TJ Cha”, basics at West Coast Swing teached be Martina and Martin and Robert was teaching “Tap Room Boogie” and “Playing With Fire” while Petra taught “E.S. Cha”. If someone was still in the mood he could join the couples workshop for higher levels in West Coast Swing by Martin and Martina. At 4pm the music stopped on both dancefloors and the left over of the dancers, after 3 exhausting and event- ful days, got a farewell. Astrid Kaeswurm