Living Line Dance 2/2011
Benefiz-Marathon in Munich After the big success from last year, collecting more than 4000€ given to the “Kindertafel Glockenbach”. The Munich Line Dance-clubs came together again to start a new Benefit- marathon. This time the money should be a help for the “Ambulant Kidshospice Munich”. Start was at the end of March with the Munich LAD’s. As a highlight for the first evening were the “Prima-Tonnen” and Edeltraud Rey doing a short performance of their actual pro- gram. During relaxing the legs the muscles for laughing were trained. They were telling stories from her life with songs - all in bavarian language. The second evening was with the Good Time Fellows and there the piggy-bank got some extra money cause some of the members had collected money from their friends and collegues. The third station was at the Desert Devil Dancers in Untermeitingen. They were showing a humorous own show program telling the story about the conflicts between “I like to have Countrymusic” and “Lady Gaga is fantastic”. The DJ, who also prefered country music, played also modern songs in between. It went further on with the Munich Linedancers; this time with a live band named Play4Smile who were playing Rockmusic and they were happy to see so many line dancers on the dancefloor. The 5th eve- ning at the Lucky Ones had a show on the stage by “Stenz and the Stianghaus-Ratschn”. After a short lesson in bavarian language, performed in rhymes, the show started. The songs were telling stories about shopping at ALDI, wrinkles in the face and much more things about all-day living. They also had a tip for those who don’t like go with Death yet. The next station was at the Crazy Legs’s without any break of dancing this time. The last evening was organized by The Flying Eagles in Maisach before counting all the money on Saturday. The Closing event was presented by Florian Weiss, from Antenne Bayern, who was honoring the busiest dancers. With medals, documents and flowers he said thank-you in the name of the organizers Katinka Knoll and Evi Retzer to the participating clubs. This sign of thank-you was possible cause of a sponsor. Cause of other sponsors a tom- bola with wonderful prizes could be held. The money of the tombola also went into the piggy-bank and so the amount of donations were at the end 3687€. Great result! A big thank-you to all who supported this collection of donations with paticipating at the events. It was fantastic to see how poeple spending their, sometimes tight, money to help many poeple who need it. Evi Retzer